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Ingame Rules & forum rules. Empty Ingame Rules & forum rules.

Post by Alesana on Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:21 pm

Here's the sticky about ingame rules and forum rules.


You shall not insult a guild member.
A guild member most always be respected.
A guild member is always same worth as everyone else guild member, level has no mather.
You shall only speak English in guild chat and union chat.
Dont beg for powerlevel. If you get a ''No'' or no answer then dont ask again.
If there's a issue, try to solve it.
You shall not abuse ingame bugs.
Dont break Ecsro's ingame rules.
Dont use bot.
Breaking these rules will result in warnings, conversation and if you still break it kick.
Dont let it fear you, we are still same guild as we always have been.


Rules as :
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